1 April 2024 - Blog General Updates

Short Introduction

Hi, and welcome to the website. I will keep this introduction short, as most of you know me from my life story blogs at Looked After Child Limited in regards to my stories about mental health, homelessness, Foster Care, Drug addictions and much more.

So why create a new website, well the thing is, I’m So Glad that I Created Looked After Child Limited, as this has grown my audience page views and opportunities. but it left a hole in my heart. as now I’m restricted on what I can post about. I Miss the days where i would just pop in and say “Hi, I’ve done this really cool thing, take a look.” or where I would talk about my hobbies or purchases I’ve made.

Because of this lack of freedom I’ve relaunched liharris.com. as both a showcase in short of my life achievements, information for people wanting to hire me, along with Projects that i’m working with / on. and an outlet for me to talk about things that would not fit in the brand I Created. You Can Consider this a Fan Club (Only Joking!), but its perfect for people that are more interested in those other hobbies i work with

Blog Post Content to Expect.

Blogs on this website will not be in anyway cross-linking with posts that are going to be for Looked After Child. If your looking for life stories, major achievements or social care Knowledgebases please keep checking up on their facebook page. What you can expect from here:


Expect Blog Posts Like:

  1. Gardening
  2. Aquariums and Ponds
  3. Homebrew
  4. Game Hosting
  5. Home Automation
  6. Radio Waves / Meshtastic
  7. And Much More that may pop up over time

You’ll also find the Odd Life Story here and there, but nothing on the scale of what you may think. but mainly the behind the scenes.

Other Cool Stuff On This Website

Make sure you check out my current Projects, My CV and testimonials while your here but feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think 🙂

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