• Life Story Presentations / Public Speaking
  • Hosting and Website Design
  • Professional In Residential Child Care
  • Home Automation

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Life Story Presentations / Public Speaking

I Started Writing my life story over 7 years ago and this has transitioned into me being invited to many public speaking events and create bispoke presentations depending on clients needs.  as well as offering Training Sessions With  Looked After Child Limited

Hosting and Website Design

Through a newly established business with my partner im able to offer Website Design / Development and hosting services including Games Servers. (More Info Coming Soon)

Professional In Residential Child Care

I've Been working in residential Care for 7+ Years, working in both back office (IT And Administrative work) As well as a verity of frontline care roles including Support Worker, Therapeutic Practitioner and House Coordinator roles.  in Residential 16-25 Leaving Care Services. 

I aspire to get some experience in Under 16 Care and eventually foster.

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Home Automation

I've been working with bespoke software and technologies like Zigbee, Tuya and home assistant. to name a few. and can automate almost every task within the home. both to make life easier and more convenient or to save money on your heating and energy bills and to find out when and what is causing you to lose so much money. 



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Curriculum Vitae