30 April 2024 - General Updates Work

After well over a year in charge of a semi-independence Care Leavers Home, I Had to make a conscious decision to stepdown. the role was only supposed to be temporary and bosses wanted me to continue and progress. Despite this it was very clear that i was not capable to maintain the essential duties that my role involved.

The Thing is i was never trained, i never really wanted to progress to management either. my dreams where to help support young people in care. Not to fulfil local authorities and Ofsted Requirements. although i agree they are important i want to spend as much people with these young people. promoting their independence and growth. but as a manager i felt i was glued to a computer.

the sad news is i’ve burnt out multiple times, i have the whole of my talking therapy here -> I Went Back To Therapy With IESO Review and Actual Session logs | Looked After Child Limited

but even after resolving the issues once it happened again, and again… and sadly i can’t take two week holidays every other month.

so why do i think i’m not suited to management (At Least For Now) I’m still young and discovering myself. and i need more training and experiences managing a team. More importantly, i need to keep my ADHD in shape and learn ways to build sturdy structure when I’m left in charge. in the last year i’ve had many flashbacks to my younger self between the ages 5-15 where i spent time off medication shortly. and the feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to find structure has been eating me alive.

i questioned my reasons for doing this job so many times in the past year, and even started to hate the work i did. and considered changing career paths again. But i won’t let this defeat me.


I’m updating my CV, website and Bios to reflect on my new role. i will continue my quest in supporting care leavers and even digress into under 18 care. fostering is a very important thing i want to take up in the future.

but for now i need to recover, go on holiday and decompress. come back to work and learn how to love my job again.

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April 30, 2024


Big up proud of your hard work your been a superstar


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