What is Li Jean-Luc Harris Limited

Hello My Name is Li Jean-Luc Harris, I’m A Seasonal Freelancer who has a lot expirence in creating media, outsourcing, android applications and supporting people in technology related issues.

I sometimes refer to “Us” instead of “me” This is because as a seasonal freelancer i sometimes outsource work to other trusted and highly rated inderviduals and its also why i setup the job posting features onto this website not only so i can advertise my open jobs but others can start posting on it as well to promote other small business and to create a network of trusted inderviduals

Website DesignInformation Technology ConsultingPhotographyAndroid App Development
Knows Fluent HTML, JavaScript And PHP.
As Well As having expireance in making wordpress websites for 4 Years +
Do You Need A Technology based soloution i've been contacted many times in the past to suggest and implement Data Storage, Backup Soloutions and Archiving soloutions as well as suggesting in a none bised way what technology would be best for yourself, or your company My Photo Gallery Is an perfect example of how much i love taking photo's its a massive hobbie of mine and i love capturing memoriesI Currently Have 10 Live Apps on the Playstore although my skills are currently not up to par i wish to continue to up my coding knowledge and improve my apps and release so more
Computer Managment And RepairVideographyComputer NetworkingProblem Solving
From maintaining them, to keeping them secure i have a lot of expireance in diagnosing and fixing most Technology related issue both hardware and softwareI’ve been Recording and editing Videos for 3 years now even getting a few clients through the development of my YouTube channelI've Worked on many small to medium sized networks, some of my projects include a WAN, NAS and smart home technology.Problem solving and finding the best fix for an issue is the best feeling in the world! i crave helping and diagnosing issues so feel free to go and ask me a question over at the tickets pageClick Here its free and easy!!