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Life Story Work

Li Jean-Luc Harri's adventure into life story work started with a suggestion from a leader in a game I played called Torn His name is called Zed AKA Kristen Colquhoun and this blog started on this domain but soon advanced into a lifelong process of understanding my life, and then using it to help others. without this suggestion From Kristen Li Jean-Luc Harris may not be affecting people with his story in the way he dose today

There has been many iterations since 2018 of my life story although the most notable change was when Looked After Child was born. And this is where new opportunities evolved including: 

Public Speaking Events

Training Opportunities

Further Exposure and business opportunities.

Feedback and support

Hearing from other young people and their carers that my story has impacted them to keep going or improved the careers ability to understand the young people they are looking after 

so because of this feedback Li Jean-Luc Harris continues pushing his story because he knows he has not only improved on his own life but has helped others .

The Timeline is still in process and includes current and past life events