Resetting Windows Passwords

So one of my tasks recently was to reset an windows 10 local account password and it turned out to be painful but amazing learning curve in this post i will explain the steps i took to fix this.

  • Yes contacting the person who was previously managing the account would have fixed everything. but they no longer worked with the company and was not willing to hand over the credentials


  • Windows Reset Software Using Linux –  i used to do this a lot before UFIE and outdated operating systems caused a lot of issues to reset the adminsitrators passowords. i attempted it with many distros (UBCD, Trinity Rescue Kit, ntpasswd reset) with many different devices from CD’s to USB’s but the hardware would not boot the kernal

at this point i was exhausting all options until i came up with a risky but posible route to fix this issue.

  • The final call was to take the PC apart and extract the hard drive. i thought maybe i could copy the files this way which i did. although this caused me to have to manually Authorize ownership for all the files but after 2 hours i manged to have a solid backup of all the user accounts… the next step was to reinstall windows onto the hard drive. and restore the files which amazingly worked!!!

The scary part was there was no previous backup to there data even a power cut could of been enough for the data to corrupt and be gone forever! so i was happy when this was sorted!

Thanks for reading this post. i hope to get another post out to you very soon!