One Month Working For IDL This is how things are going

Hello Everyone Applogies for the lack of updates recently, i hope everyone is well!

So incase you didn’t know i had Applied for the role of Weaking Night Theraputic Practioner for a company based in Medway and gravesend. So far i’ve been working up in there head office learning the ways of the role, and gaining expireance and training….

So 4 weeks in what do i think and what have i been up too?  Read More?

The First Month was mainly based on me keeping occupied and earning an reacuruing income. at this present moment consider my role as full time Office Staff… I’ve completed 7 /15 course for my online training showing i have  the basic knowledge to progress into the Weaking Night Practictioner role… although once these have completed i’m also going to be put onto a Health And Social Care Course to better improve my skills… Training over with lets go to some task’s i’ve worked on.


I’m working right now on multiple things… Like Building and implementing a Electronic Archiving System And Refrancing the files. Organising Archives, Making Phone Calls And typing HR Related Documents And Mainly…. I’m Errand Boy!


So Thats it, I’m a step further and hopfully i will soon be in the care enviroment and helping to help young people become independant and stable allowing them to fufill life at its most!


But most of all thanks to everyone who helped me get into this Job:
Hayden Irwin,

Peter Cook,

Maggie At Oxfam Rochester,

And IDL’s Recrutment Team!