I’ve #Uploaded A #YouTube Video – GTA V Live Online PS4

Title: GTA V Live Online PS4

Description: Li Jean-Luc Harris – The Smart Innovative Approach

Hello I’m Li Harris and welcome too my personal insights into life.
I spend every day and every moment of my life trying to better understand the meaning of life, my purpose?

I’m ambitious and have worked in many small and medium sized projects starting from learning and coding my first site then too online radios aged 13 after that I started working in media and graphics aged 14 too filing a patent aged 15 for a early use of wireless electricity. To starting my own web design company aged 16 and then finally going into retail and distribution aged 17 to present

I can be quite and laid back or loud and productive depending on my mood and mindset.

I enjoy a good laugh with family and friends but I protect those close too me. For a more personal in depth autobiography check out my website http://www.liharris.com/autobiography
Author: Li Jean-Luc Harris
Created At: December 27, 2016 at 04:28PM