5 Yearsago Today I Was addmitied to a mental health ward.

it was 2012, a lot happened this year. my depression and anixeity was at its maximum and i had came out as gay 3months prior i was close to giving in. the anxiety and depression got so bad i had to find a new coping stratagies. my psychiatrist called an emrgency meeting with me and…

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Unsuccessful with dimensions but still hopeful….

I Was Unsuccessful with dimensions but still hopeful for future positions in the care, IT or retail careers  the interview with dimensions went great in my opinion they where very responsive with feedback at the end of the processe and told me although i scored a high score in there interview the wining candidate scored…

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S|The Chance To Try Again.

The Chance To Try Again. How Many Chances Dose One Need Before they get it right? i’ve had to scrap things and start from scratch so many times and i’ve still not made it to my dream… I’ve recently removed all my old entries in this blog and started it again, i learn that quality…

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