At The Age Of 12 I knew that my chances of getting a job when I left school was zero to none, our economy was at rock bottom and it was not going to recover any time soon. that’s when I started to focus on entrepreneurship and business skills. one day I was surfing the web and wanted to know how websites where made so I researched and then self taught myself how to code HTML, Javascript and PHP this is when my love for technology really started to kick in at the age of 15 I started a Company called Blue Shark Projects, at first I started small. Designing websites and being a 24/7 Technology Solution Service I was charging small rates At The Age of 17 I started a BTEC 1st Diploma in ICT I Got A Merit, only thing I learned from this was android app development and because of this I coded sevral proxy apps they had over 50,000 Downloads World Wide so I added Google Ad-sense Onto the apps and started earning £300 a month from sitting on my backside with the money I earned of google I researched into Wholesale and ended up buying a lot of stock from china in total around 5,000 units of mixed items (shredders, USB’s And Other Misc Items) I shifted 9,500 of these online before I Sold 4,500 of these before leaving the care system and moving back to my home town where I got involved with the wrong people by the time I was 19 I was homeless I spent around 5 months in a tent out in the woods surviving the winter but I’m clean now, and I’ve got a new flat in margate. aged19, I got an apprentice with Alpha Core International a One Stop Business Solution which I Love Working At. with my regret this short term placement came to an end after 2 months. due to disagreements and conflict in interest. after leaving alpha-core i decided to setup a few of my own companies with Hayden Irwin. one was a marketing company Called LH Marketing Limited and LH Trading Groups Limited Li Is also working on growing an audience through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook