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An Update On The Company

Hi everyone i’ve not updated you in a while in our progress its because we’ve been very busy working with our clients and devloping the brand. i will be soon showcasing a case study with a client i’ve been working with who is really happy with some services i’ve been offering them 🙂 i’ve also…

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Windows 10 Wont Install New Updates…

Why is This happening? Sometimes windows update gets stuck… files corruption normally is the main cause but it can come down to a number of things even down to services not being started How To Fix Windows Update And Install new updates this fix has been used by me multiple times on many windows 10…

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I Pre Ordered Google Home Mini

over the past year and a half, i have been researching into buying a home assistant like amazon echo or echo dot. but I found a google assistant would be more beneficial for me as it will fit into the Google Ecosystem I use on daily bases   Google Home Mini had an interesting look,…

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Resetting Windows Passwords

So one of my tasks recently was to reset an windows 10 local account password and it turned out to be painful but amazing learning curve in this post i will explain the steps i took to fix this.