5 Yearsago Today I Was addmitied to a mental health ward.

it was 2012, a lot happened this year. my depression and anixeity was at its maximum and i had came out as gay 3months prior i was close to giving in. the anxiety and depression got so bad i had to find a new coping stratagies. my psychiatrist called an emrgency meeting with me and my careers. i was told my behaviour was becoming even more of a risk for myself and others and that i had 5minuets to decided if i was going to be a formal or non formal paitent i was non formal at first but eneded up getting put on a section 2 and 3 before being released 3 months later.

so i’ve announced this story many times before but as its the 5 year mark from addmision i just wanted to reflect and thank anyone once again who helped and continued to help me get through my issues thanks to you lot on the 31st auguest 2017 my discharge date it will mark the 5th year that ive had no mental health teams involved with my life also i have been completely un – medicated. i continue to struggle at times but always find a way to make my moods better

Anyone Suffering from mental health,  Dont Struggle Alone. there are so many services out there that can help support getting your life back on track and either with or witout medications.  without the helpi recived i’m skeptical that i would still be sitting here writing another post about the story.


But Most of all i’m proud that i managed to get through what i had as a 15 year old teenager