Li Jean-Luc Harris

Key Skills

Website Design

Knows Fluent HTML, JavaScript And PHP. I’m Also Able To Use platforms Like WordPress

Computer Managment And Repair

I”ve Been hired in the past to manage and repair both hardware and software issues as well as managing the systems to make sure they run at full capacity

Information Technology Consulting

Helping You Decide What Technology or Software To Get to help get the best out of your purchase


I’ve been Recording and editing Videos for 3 years now even getting a few clients through the development of my YouTube channel

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About Li

At The Age Of 12 I knew that my chances of getting a job when I left school was zero to none, our economy was at rock bottom and it was not going to recover any time soon. that’s when I started to focus on entrepreneurship and business skills. one day I was surfing the web and wanted to know how websites where made so I researched and then self taught myself how to code HTML, Javascript and PHP this is when my love for technology really started to kick in at the age of 15 I started a Company called Blue Shark Projects, at first I started small. Designing websites and being a 24/7 Technology Solution Service I was charging small rates At The Age of 17 I started a BTEC 1st Diploma in ICT I Got A Merit, only thing I learned from this was android app development and because of this I coded sevral proxy apps they had over 50,000 Downloads World Wide so I added Google Ad-sense Onto the apps and started earning £300 a month from sitting on my backside with the money I earned of google I researched into Wholesale and ended up buying a lot of stock from china in total around 5,000 units of mixed items (shredders, USB's And Other Misc Items) I shifted 9,500 of these online before I Sold 4,500 of these before leaving the care system and moving back to my home town where I got involved with the wrong people by the time I was 19 I was homeless I spent around 5 months in a tent out in the woods surviving the winter but I’m clean now, and I’ve got a new flat in margate. aged19, I got an apprentice with Alpha Core International a One Stop Business Solution which I Love Working At. with my regret this short term placement came to an end after 2 months. due to disagreements and conflict in interest. after leaving alpha-core i decided to setup a few of my own companies with Hayden Irwin. one was a marketing company Called LH Marketing Limited and LH Trading Groups Limited Li Is also working on growing an audience through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

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